Report Date: 12/28/2012

Research Pedigree - 5 Generation
Castlehills I'M Not Blue Bonnet

Name:Castlehills I'M Not Blue Bonnet
AKC #:NP299643/01 Breed/Variety:French Bulldog
Birth Date:09/11/2011 Sex:Female
Colors/Markings:Brindle & White
Breeder(s):Mary J Clark

Castlehills I'M Not Blue Bonnet
Brindle & White
Bully Blues Casanova Blue
NP253318/05 07-11
Gray & White
AKC DNA #V645718
Gery Bulls Oliver
NP234363/02 02-10 (Hungary)
Gray & White
Gery Bulls Bertrand
MET FR.BULL.9721/07
Little Predator Agapornis
MET FR.BULL.1842/03
(Not Available Online)
(Not Available Online)
Jungle-Boogie Mary
MET FR.BULL.7018/05
(Not Available Online)
(Not Available Online)
Taborhegy Szepe Flora
Gold-Sierra Bosco
MET FR.BULL.3572/98
(Not Available Online)
(Not Available Online)
Taborhegy Szepe Kelli
MET FR.BULL.4102/98
(Not Available Online)
(Not Available Online)
Hatarmenti Boldog Vadasz Blue-Velvet
NP243987/02 05-10 (Hungary)
AKC DNA #V594054
Z Z R Lancelot
MET FR.BULL.1085/08
Z Z R Casper
MET Fr.Bull.4408/04
Beatyfull Casper Family Cezar
MET Fr.Bull.9723/02
Red Lightning Bianka
MET FR.BULL.6646/00
Interactive Amanda
MET FR.BULL.3923/04
Keve-Bull's Hugo Boss
MET 1383/03
Interactive Brenda
MET FR.BULL.1164/03
Royal Grande Di Castiglione Francesca
MET FR.BULL.10120/07
U'Gaston De L'Etang Sur La Touze
MET FR.BULL.7801/H/06
Opium Du Clos De La Charmoise
LOF 012822/02585
Razmoquette Du Domaine D'Ellecy
LOF 015728/03595
Salou-Reme Lolly
MET FR.BULL.10010/02
Grand Chef Axel
MET FR.BULL.5901/00
Saxa Van Bruaene
MET FR.BULL.5007/99
Pole Princess
NP257711/01 01-12
Cream & White
American Scout
NP122002/04 02-08
AKC DNA #V537874
Master Yoda II
NP029174/03 01-05
AKC DNA #V350313
Bow Of Trail's End
NM909882/02 07-03
AKC DNA #V284353
Be Dub'u Francois
NM830511/03 12-00
AKC DNA #V144366
Vr's Valentine's Bon Ebby
NM821442/02 02-01
Brindle & White
Marseille Of Trail's End
NM926202/03 09-03
Brindle & White
Spuds Of Trail's End
NM852637/02 03-02
White & Brindle
Cherie' Of Trail's End
NM878979/01 03-02
Bridgett Of Hargett Ranch Cm
NP066282/02 12-05
White & Fawn Piebald
Rocky Top's Rowdy Jake
NP018659/01 10-04
White & Fawn
AKC DNA #V346747
Vr's Comte De Jacques
NM914839/01 04-03
White & Fawn
Vr's Jaquline Amour
NM886180/04 08-02
Be Dub'U Kay'Tee
NP031050/02 10-04
Schultz's Tigger
NM874076/01 11-01
AKC DNA #V256456
Schultz's Belladonna
NM914837/04 01-03
Brindle & White
American Dream
NP126257/02 02-08
Brindle & White
Page One Oscar Doo-Right
NP066139/02 01-06
Fawn & White
AKC DNA #V400021
Dashing Dudly Doright
NM938971/01 04-04
Fawn & White
AKC DNA #V344381
Impact's Buster L.
NM889580/02 12-02
Brindle & White
AKC DNA #V327724
Francois Bonnie Punkin L.
NM894660/04 12-02
Fawn & White
T And A's Kadie Bug
NP018659/03 04-04
Fawn Piebald
Vr's Comte De Jacques
NM914839/01 04-03
White & Fawn
Vr's Jaquline Amour
NM886180/04 08-02
NP080554/03 02-06 (Belarus)
Black & White Spotted
TBCU 101-000499
Parizh Wilem'S
TBCU 101-000454
TBCU 101-990111
TBCU 101-000371
Parizh Wilem'S
TBCU 101-000454
TBCU 101-990135

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