AKC: Research Pedigree - 5 Generation
Report Date: 06/11/2017

Research Pedigree - 5 Generation
Castlehill's Brown Is The New Blue

Name:Castlehill's Brown Is The New Blue
AKC #:NP429473/01 Breed/Variety:French Bulldog
Birth Date:05/22/2016 Sex:Male
Breeder(s):Mary J Clark

Castlehill's Brown Is The New Blue
AKC DNA #V817113
Deni Lamorena Del
NP410757/01 09-16 (Serbia)
AKC DNA #V771610
Curlys Trinity Treasure
NP336091/05 06-16
AKC DNA #V781271
Curlys Topaz Treasure
NP306537/07 12-12
Black White Markings
AKC DNA #V692975
NP284037/02 04-12 (Yugoslavia)
White & Brindle Spotted
AKC DNA #V641517
JR 71317FB
JR 71306 FB
Curlys Sapphire Treasure From Kriss
NP270322/05 04-12
Gray & White
AKC DNA #V617888
Kingsblood Kriss
NP196057/02 03-09 (Hungary)
Fawn Black Mask
AKC DNA #V523882
Curlys Hidden Treasures
NP237270/02 12-10
Fawn & Black Black Mask
Oh-Devine Trinity Iz Russkoi Skazki
NP304395/04 05-13 (Russia)
Gray & White
Kolumb Iz Russkoi Skazki
RKF 2501854
Molodets Iz Russkoi Skazki
RKF 2235489
Olinda Ot Kondrinoy
RKF 1773914
Sarbona Ot Kondrinoy
RKF 2161706
Newton Iz Russkoi Skazki
RKF 1826217
RKF 1262166
Dakota Vom Castelloblue
JR 72961FB
Zila Volgyi Adaz
MET FR.BULL.3868/04
Mogyorosaljai Csavargo Franco
MET 3868/04
Dan Pomada
MET Fr.Bull.127/91
Mogyorosaljai-Csavargo Sziszibul
MET FR.BULL 1147/94
Petit Amour Fiomena
MET Fr.Bull.5647/00
Rarytas 100 Pociech
MET Fr.Bull.2232/H/96
Genevieve Extravagante Von Glandorf
MET Fr.Bull.1744/95
Szekszard-Taji Erika-Ebi
MET FR.BULL.2981/04
Medvelaki Bator Buchs
MET FR.BULL.200/02
BWX 887 Jean-Claude
MET Fr.Bull.5977/00
Szabovari Ad-Astra Hella
MET 6456/00
Szekszard-Taji Maja Mara
MET 6166/00
Moulin Suveren
MET FR.BULL.1004/H/94
Alisca Szepe Barbi
MET Fr.Bull.2882/97
Largents Chiming Choco Blue Snooki
NP344221/01 02-16
Largents Chiming Blue Zues
NP299296/03 05-13
Gray & White White Markings
AKC DNA #V727661
Hrh Sir Frankington Fitzallen
NP251146/01 05-11
AKC DNA #V655553
White-Ghost Xedor
NP241239/02 04-10 (Hungary)
AKC DNA #V580827
White-Ghost Euro
MET FR.BULL.8970/06
White-Ghost Virginia
MET FR.BULL.5519/05
Hrh River Tay
NP210267/07 04-10
Paw Paw's Ozzie Blue Of The Barnyard
NP129665/02 02-08
White & Brindle Piebald
AKC DNA #V532093
Star Of Texas Kebra Kahn
NP137085/02 01-09
Hrh Always The Princess Periwinkle
NP204879/03 05-11
Fawn & White White Markings
Paw Paw's Ozzie Blue Of The Barnyard
NP129665/02 02-08
White & Brindle Piebald
AKC DNA #V532093
Bostondane Blue Genes
NM936572/01 03-04 (Australia)
Brindle & White
AKC DNA #V387625
Serebranaya Rosa
NP105327/01 08-06 (Russia)
Lovely Ritas Blue
NP150323/01 11-08
Gray & White Piebald
Garold - Medovy Pryanik
NP135573/01 03-07 (Russia)
Fawn & White
AKC DNA #V446776
Loblolly Lovely Rita
NP108159/06 03-07
White & Fawn Piebald
California Mocca Prima Donna
NP233584/08 01-13
Brindle & White
Little Monster Jackpot
NP218729/02 10-09 (Hungary)
AKC DNA #V553436
Eiffel Von Der Monarchia
MET FR.BULL.2029/03
Super Bully Kundera
MET FR.BULL.8622/01
Pygmalion Von Der Monarchia
MET Fr.Bull.4842/99
Little Monster Amidala
MET FR.BULL.10679/07
Chili-Mol Garcia
MET FR.BULL.4701/04
Cora Von Sternhof
MET FR.BULL.9892/02
Red Blooded Amira
NP226607/01 10-09 (Hungary)
AKC DNA #V565153
Sopianae Imperator Nestor
MET Fr.Bull.4973/04
Zvezdniy Malchik
MET Fr.Bull.3199/H/04
Nelli Von Glandorf
MET Fr.Bull.9590/01
Bag-Dadi Mandy
MET FR.BULL.1896/03
Lacoste Vom Isern Hinnerk
MET Fr.Bull.1306/H/03
Koritar-Laki Potyi
MET Fr.Bull.9321/01

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