Purchase Agreement and Health Guarantee
This agreement is made between Preferred Companions and the Buyer:
Cell Phone ____________________
Address______________________________City_________________State_____Zip _______
E-Mail _______________________________________________
For the purchase of the following puppy:
Breed:__________________________________ Sex: _________                                
Color: __________________                                        
DOB: ________________________
AKC Litter Registration #_______________________________
Sire: ________________________________________________
Reg. # ______________________________
Dam: ________________________________________________
Reg. # ______________________________
This deposit, said amount of $_________ is hereby made and the final balance of $________
is due to seller at the time of placement with the buyer on (Placement Date ________). Please
note that due to MN state laws, I am required to charge Tax on puppies sold in MN.  Entire
payment for the puppy, and shipping if applicable, is due by the time the puppy is 8 weeks old.  
All AKC paperwork will be held until balance is paid-in-full or at time of placement. The Buyer
understands that once a deposit is made, it is a commitment to buy said dog and is therefore
NON-REFUNDABLE. Buyer will forfeit the deposit and said dog, which will then be sold to
another party, if not paid-in-full by specified date of__________.
It is hereby agreed by both parties that the following conditions will be met
And that no other warranties or conditions are expressed or implied.
This puppy is being sold with___ FULL or ___LIMITED  AKC registration.
Legal Description:
FULL AKC registration: You will receive the application, so that you may apply for your puppy’s
AKC papers to be registered in your name.
Preferred Companions has agreed to do a vet check at 7 weeks of age.  If at that time, there is
a problem with any serious health issues, a FULL refund of the deposit is to be returned to the
above mentioned buyer.  If the above mentioned puppy passes the health check, the buyer will
then accept him, as is, with no further guarantee, other than what is noted below.
Health Guarantee - At the expense of the buyer, this dog should be    examined by a licensed
Veterinarian within 72 hours of placement.
NO EXCEPTIONS  If the dog is placed on a Saturday, the buyer has until Wednesday to have
the dog checked by a veterinarian.
Should the dog be found in ill health with a genetic disorder or disease that is life threatening,
the cause of which is clearly attributable to Preferred Companions, this dog may, upon written
diagnosis from a veterinarian, be returned to Preferred Companions for a refund of the
purchase price or exchanged for another dog of equal value, the choice to be determined by
Preferred Companions. Non-Life threatening health issues, such as kennel cough, coccidia,
giardia, luxated patella’s, demodex, etc. Will not be covered under the guarantee because it
can be caused by environmental issues.
Buyers Responsibilities >
Provide puppy with routine heath care, such as but not limited to:
Annual physical exams
Follow veterinary guidelines for vaccinations and worming
****Please Ask Your Vet Not To Use Lepto in the Vaccine, UNLESS There Is an Outbreak
Danger in your area...Also, please stay in the vet's office for 20 minutes after, to be sure that
they will not have a reaction to the vaccination****
Start puppy on Heart Worm Prevention, with the first vet visit

The buyer promises to keep the dog in a proper and healthy manner. It shall not be kept
permanently in a kennel.
Food – Buyer agrees to continue to feed Fromm Puppy food for at least the first 21 days and
recommend you feed it for the life of your new companion. If you want to change brands,
please purchase a small bag of Fromm Puppy Food and mix it with your choice of food. Slowly,
over the course of a few weeks, lower the amount of Fromm you mix in and through this slow
transition, you can safely be feeding your own brand, while minimizing the risk of diarrhea and
other intestinal problems to your new puppy. If you change food, be cautious about what food
you change to and observe your puppy’s bowel movements to look for any signs of stress or
All puppies have been bred by Preferred Companions and have been carefully reared until
sold. The parent animals were bred with the aim of producing good quality, healthy puppies.
Preferred Companions guarantees this dog to be free of communicable diseases as appears to
the eye at the time of placement. We cannot guarantee size or personality of the puppy.  

This guarantee does not cover what is considered normal for the bulldog breeds, such as:
cherry eye, loose hips, skin allergies, skin yeasts, skin fungus, luxated patella, elongated soft
palate, everted laryngeal saccules, stenotic nares, Brachycephalic syndrome, under bite,
inverted tail or inverted vulva and occasional heart murmurs  of a 1 -3  level, that are not of a
life threatening nature. (Dogs carrying some congenital defects will not be recommended for
breeding and no breeding rights will be allowed with these specific sales.) All our dogs are vet
checked before sales and any foreseeable issues must be disclosed to buyer.  Nondisclosure
is not an option but it is understood that some of these “normal bulldog issues” can occur later
in life and are not the fault of the breeder.
If problems arise concerning the keeping or training of this dog, or if the dog becomes seriously
ill, the buyer agrees to consult Preferred Companions.
Preferred Companions will allow the return at any time of any dog they have bred and
subsequently sold, at no cost to either party; as Preferred Companions wishes never to have
any of their dogs placed at a shelter.
Breeding – All puppies should be spayed or neutered between the ages of six to 10 months
old, and not before. If the owner chooses to breed the purchased puppy, they do so at their
own risk, Preferred Companions does
not guarantee the breeding ability of any of their puppies.   We cannot guarantee size, and if
you were told a size, it is an estimate of adult weight... And we will not be held responsible if
the dog ends up larger or smaller than
that estimate  We cannot guarantee bites.  The bite of your puppy has been discussed prior to
sale, and since the bites can change as they grow, we cannot promise it will stay good.
Showing- A puppy sold as a show dog from Preferred Companions, agrees to use my kennel
name as the first name of the dog. Example: PC’s and so on.
Grooming - Buyer agrees not to take a puppy to a groomer for at least four weeks after
delivery. Grooming a puppy, especially for the first time is very stressful, and the puppy has
already been stressed in transporting, going to new surroundings, and meeting new owners.
You can give it a gentle bath with some gentle shampoo, but make sure to do this in a very
quiet environment, and be especially sure to dry the puppy completely, preferably without a
noisy/scary blow dryer. Hold your puppy stroking it in a reassuring manner after this bath for as
long as it takes for the pup to become calm and relaxed.    
No other Warranties are expressed or implied unless explained by Preferred Companions
Buyer: ____________________________ Date: ________________
Seller: ____________________________ Date: ________________
Melanie Raiter
5283 Sundown Rd NW
Solway, MN 56678